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The Latino Vote Helped Make the Difference for Obama

Immigration Is a Personal and Defining Issue for Latino Voters: The poll found that 60% of Latino voters nationwide “know somebody who is an undocumented immigrant.”

I always take the fact that my siblings, parents, grandparents and myself were born in the US for granted. While immigration isn’t an issue I personally struggle with, it is something people I know struggle with. I have friends and significant others of my family members that have to deal with this on a daily basis. There’s always this cloud of uncertainty hanging over their head. I even know someone who finished college and is now faced the issue of not being able to get the kind of job she wants because she is undocumented and employers won’t/can’t hire her.  So yes, this was a personal and defining issue for me and it is one of many reasons that weighed heavily into my decision to vote for Obama.

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